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With this latest delivery of SATOSHI’S CORNER S1E10, we will foray first into the crypto-Digital Inception (see below) and its core principles, whilst looking more globally at ‘PROOF-OF-COMMUNITY’ and ‘Social-Media based crypto assets’ (#SMBCA), also known as Social Tokens and Community Tokens’.


Forget the #Pegasus Project, also known as ‘One of the most invasive spyware of the 21st century’, (See picture below), or a famous MARVEL MCU storyline, and understand rather that it behooves you, me, …us… to start taking crypto-assets, a bit more closely and seriously :

  • </> -Money is a the centre of our daily lives. The emergence of cryptocurrency has created both great distrust and expectations.” says the author.

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In 2021, Bitcoin became the 6th largest currency and overtook the British pound sterling in size. (Pascaline Mélinon)

So, yes …

….Here’s indeed a book by Pascaline Mélinon, a talented and inspired lawyer and maybe future ADMPers, who publishes :

“Why Everybody that LOVES AFRICA, MUST Believe in cryptocurrency”

An ‘Inception, within the Great Bitcoin inception of January 3rd, 2009”, with this book aimed at empowering the communities, that could benefit the most from the “Banking the Unbanked” principles, of the early Financial CYPHER PUNK (Nick Zsabo, Al Finey,..) ….

…. Who wanted to see their vision come to light.


Pascaline, the author, an Harvard University (USA) graduate, leverages her expert experience in cryptocurrency, to provide an in-depth analysis that will enable those unfamiliar with the crypto world to understand these fast changing industries, and the competing interests at stake.

  • There is potentially a lot of ‘CRIMSON hype’ (‘Crimson being the colour of the Harvard U, logo) behind the book created by the Edwin Clark University lecturer (In Otu Jeremi, Delta State, Nigeria) and ultimately you will have to make up your own mind by reading it, hopefully one day.

  • => It could be a fact … heralded already…on this newsletter, when a few months ago (see picture below, to see how much ahead of History’ we often, are !!) … we focused our thougths and cover on a future NBA legend…

> The publishing of this book could be a “GIANNIS ANTETOKOUMPO” moment, …yes… a moment only comparable to the moment, when the Milwaukee Bucks, Power-Forward scored 50 Pts in the Basket-ball NBA Finals, against the Phoenix Suns (USA), a few months after sigining the biggest contract ($228.2 Millions) in NBA history …!!!

What if we could experience again, such a moment, within the Crypto-space….??

With this Book?

…Or… another one??


= WHO KNOWS ?? ….

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According to Pauline, the content-maker: “ From Barter to Bitcoin - If there is only one book you read on cryptocurrencies this year, make it this one.”


‘Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Bullets, that’s the American Dream ! ‘ (Robert ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ KIYOSAKI)

Come to think of it, Isaiah Jackson did kind of the same job, in the US of A, aimed at the BLACK COMMUNITY, with “Bitcoin and Black America”, his seminal work and Inception, on the growth of the crypto-ecosystem within the Black and Brown communities in the USA.


Here’s a sample: “As more information is presented before Congress and committees, their knowledge will grow but … Our knowledge will put us in a position to give advice on how to implement a fair and secure use of blockchain technology.

We no longer need to fight for a seat at the financial table, we can build the table with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and a 21st century economy.” - (Thus spoke, Isaiah Jackson) -


It is paramount to spread crypto & financial education. Life changing events occur when one operates a life-changing modification of mindset.” (Pascaline Mélinon)

MOREOVER, Pascaline Mélinon, hopefully, also brings her ‘Legal touch’ to the debate as an expert in crypto-regulation and will enlight her many readers, amongst you, who may or may not, still rely on CENTRALIZED FINANCE or #CEFI, which…

…. is ‘controlled’ by central banks, and global banking institutions, instead of….

… The more decentralized financial paradigm of #DEFI, crypto-assets, and Digital community Tokens, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, AAVE, etc..!,

…. which relies on electronic and online communities…where there is no centralized platform and people sinteract with each other in P2P, ‘peer-to-peer’, ‘H2H’ (Humans to Humans), or ‘person-to-person’, via decentralized platforms for financial services.


We would advise you too, to further your knowledge of the space, if you are still ‘Book-Logic’, (Using book to build one’s intellect) rather than ‘Tech-Logic (Relies more on Technology and the internet to raise one’s intellect’ ) with the “INTERNET OF MONEY TRILOGY by Andreas Antonopoulos, here below:

Follow the links for a better understanding of Pascaline Mélinon’s work, and do not hesitate to comment and tweet your opinions, undder the following hashtag: #WELAC #ADMP and you will get a RETWEET from @teamadmp, for sure !!

All the Very Best, Reading it!


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