Since the term “Metaverse” was first coined by Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel, SNOW CRUSH, agreed-upon definitions of the METAVERSE are STILL hard to come by….


  • HOWEVER, WE and Forbes Mag tech contributor, Sol Rogers, CAN SINGLE-OUT a few characteristics =

  1. The metaverse is always on;

  2. it is experienced live, replays and in real time;

  3. it can host any size audience

  4. it has a fully functioning economy

  5. it has to span across multiple platforms, as well as digital and physical realms (introducing augmented reality, ‘Space Internet’, etc.. )

  6. it allows digital assets like crypto-assets or ‘Gangnam style’ videos, ‘Memes’ or ‘Gifs’, #NFTs, etc… to be carried across platforms

  7. Metaverses experiences and content will be created by individual users, organisations, startups, and huge corporations alike.

</> - FORTNITE PARTY ROYAL - Premiere, FULL Concert on MAY 2020 (Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis) - </>

Electronic Dance Music = DeadMouse 5, Steve #AOKI, and all…legends of EDM, had a LIVE SET as DJ, within the FORTNITE LIVE GAME, where you could interact with the DJ, but …. only via or inside the gaming environment, owned by #FORTNITE, the gaming company.

==> That would be typical of what #METAVERSES nowadays should be !!

=> What should Social Media Managers do with #METAVERSES ?

  1. Social Media Managers should aim to offer, create and foster the building of Social Media METAVERSES, as part of their long-term mission and objectives.

    METAVERSES can only be part of LONG-TERM planning social media strategy and Social media digital Inceptions. It is worth 3 to 6 month of actual social media work.

    1. If you watch the drawing above, the ‘Corporate Social Media Manager’ would FIRSTuse existing METAVERSES (Fortnite, ClubHouse, Meetups, Discord,…) that would reach either:

      • A distinct section of their existing online communities (‘Digital Beta-testers’, ‘Teen-agers’, ‘Digital Ambassadors’,…for exemple)

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  • Or outreach communities beyond their “Core digital communities’.

  • Or bridge IRL (In Real Life) event with IVL (In Virtual Life) experiences : IRL/IVL via Live events taking place BOTH in the physical world and Virtual world (Online) for AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE.

  • Further down the social media process, social media managers would be creating its proprietary social media METAVERSE, that would be controlled from a SOCIAL MEDIA ROOM. (Like the one used by #Facebook, below)

- </> - ROBLOX METAVERSE ? -</> -

#ROBLOX, the gaming platform worth of 120 million users has a similar metaverse definitions and also provides us with a list of descriptors, that sounds a little bit like this:

  1. METAVERSE is immersive;

  2. METAVERSE is persistent; vast and diverse;

  3. METAVERSE, enables each user to have a core identity across experiences;

  4. METAVERSE, has a social network component;

  5. METAVERSE enables seamless access from any device;

  6. METAVERSE has an economy and its own CRYPTO-ASSETS;

  7. METAVERSE is governed by rules and order.

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* How does it impact, Bitcoin, Ethereums and other #ALTCOINS?

Well … the definition of a METAVERSE, does include an economic component as read above. Digital assets or even (dare we use the “C-Word”: Digital currencies….) will therefore be part of METAVERSES to ease the transfer of values and economics (Entry fees, tickets, receipts, and later…SMART CONTRACTS, with Ethereum Tokens).

** What could the #NAIRANOMICS, be ?

We defintely believe in crypto-currencies as being the foundation of Digital metaverses, rather than being the foundation to challenging FIAT (Paper) currencies, like Dollars, Yen, Yuan, Naira,… in the physical world !

‘Foreign aid in the 20th century is taking wealth from poor in rich countries and handing it to rich peoples, in poor countries’ (#PBD Podcast)

The UBER-DRIVER TEST in the 21st century, would testify that a (crypto/FIAT) currency should be able to pay its taxi-ride there and there, within seconds,… not after going through a smartphone system, the grid, 5G, KYC, or… Digital currency Exchange platforms! if your UBER-DRIVER, can not use the same (Crypto) currency to buy a coffee down the road, then its NOT a CURRENCY, it’s SOMETHING ELSE !! :))-


NEXT WEEK: The follow-up to that article on social media CRYPTO-METAVERSES !!


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