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#ADMPers have come back with a view chosen tips for the people of San-Salavador, as they enter the CRYPTO-AGE….

First Understand that the choice will attract a lot of GOOD PEOPLES, but also a few ‘bad apple’s that could disrupt El-Salvador’s crypto-effort. To avoid that, ADMPers have through a survey, optimized via Artificial Intelligence, come up with a few pointers…

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Basically, … The volatility argument …. Does not hold truth over time…Bitcoin price went up at the height of our current global economico-sanitary crisis, and suffered its own CORONA CRYPTO-CRASH, a year later almost… after the first ‘Global confinements’ …Who’s more “volatile”, now ?

  • Our current global economy in the midst of a global health and economic crisis, or…. the Bitcoin ecosystem that is attacked on a daily basis, by Hackers, scammers, oligarchs, crypto-whales, regulators, haters, ‘Gold investors’, ‘Orthodox finance’..from all over the globe, and still show ‘resilience’ against all odds facing those vicious attachs ??

  • Let’s remind ourselves, that we are still in the middle of the “CRYPTO-Prohibition” where governments, regulators,… will sometimes ban Bitcoin and support the Blockchain economy and tolerate #DEFI (Decentralized Finance)…

In many ways, regulators around the globe, are not clear, on their position either…if anything, it does HIGLIGHT the STRENGTH of the #HODLERS digital community, crypto OG’s, Maximalists, and #CYBER-HORNETs awesome digital force,… in their ability to PUSH-BACK on so many daily ATTACKS !!

…ALL OF THIS, despite a crypto community that is lacking a solid, unified social media ‘infowar ROOM’ to offer a different electronic-narrative to the many FUD (Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt), and FOMOs (Fear Of Missing Out) of behavioural finance.

Complaining about “Volatility price in the CRYPTO SPACE” in that context, does not make any “common-sense”, “Uber driver test” or “Street-sense”…

The next set of pointers revealed by Artificial Intelligence, could also be summarized via the conceptual digital Inception and its 6C (#Crypto-Inception) :

  1. CONTENT : Get the “Bitcoin as a Legal tender Act” to be recorded by El-Salvador’s legislative assembly and courts. This will provide TRUST in the Salvadorian ecosystem. It will also “seal the act”, as approved by the million peoples of an entire nation, providing weight, durability and credibility, which is STILL one of the strongest legal tender, on planet earth.

  1. CURATION: Education, Education, Education,…all three layers of academic education (Starters, higher and University), should introduce Blockchain technology, coding and decentralized finance to the masses, to fully enter ‘Digital Renaissance’ realm:

    It will help the people of Salvador, increase knowledge and mastery of the crypto-space, which is wide and complex, at the same time, but so full of rich technological endeavours and new BIG data-driven paradigms.


  1. COMMUNITY: INCUBATION, INCUBATION,…Create, build and foster a local crypto-ecosystem, which is at the same time opened to the outside world, but also aware of the needs to build its own national ecosystem, and push out its own tech startups.

  2. COMMERCE: JOINT-VENTURE FOR THE WIN-WIN! China, and the United States, have mastered the art of the joint-venture with foreign investors, to create via “special areas” hub of intense growth, like Shenzhen, or the Sillicon Valley...

    • It then behooves El-Salvador to setup its own “Crypto-Valley” like ZUG, in Switzerland, a physical, academic, technology-minded, business-friendly, and even ‘spiriptual’ area, or park, dedicated to intense growth, research and exchanges… to house its own national and international HUBS, smart cities, INCUBATORS, ACCELERATORS, COLLEGES, VCs, etc… basically housing an entire crypto-Ecosystem of growth, exchange and happiness !


  • MINING BITCOIN AND OTHER CRYPTO-ASSETS: Mining Bitcoin and other crypto-assets, following, for exemple, the #JACKSON5 CRYPTOS-INDEX, with the “cleanest” and “greenest” form of energy, is key to understand the concept of “Blockchain as ultimate clean Energy-tender”, which is what Bitcoin could be parceived, as...in the near future…

I’m only Human, after all …Don’t put the blame on me ” (RaG’n’Bones)

Mining crypto-assets, makes sense, as … One finances, the other ! (#ADMPers)


  1. CONVERSION: CREATE YOUR OWN LOCAL COIN > The best coin of all time, according to ADMPers, would have the Bitcoin’s ‘network effect’, 4 layers of cybersecurity, and ‘proof-of-work super-power’ of the original crypto-asset, as per the SATOSHI protocol….COUPLED WITH the creativity of the Ethereum’s community (ETH), working together.

    Beyond that, the local Salavador’s coin, and blockchain, should provide interoperability to Bitcoin, ETH, and other blockchains, whilst enabling a strong smart-contract ecosystem of Oracles, exchanges, wallets, data-centers, etc…

  1. COMPLIANCE: REGULATE, REGULATE,…: There is always a yin-and-yang attitude to adopt when it comes to regulating technological renaissance: TOO MUCH REGULATION, and you stiffle creativity, research, exploration, whilst scaring ‘foreign well-wishers’


    …Well…criminal and scammers will run the place amok, as the SPACE is made of human beings, first and foremost: PEOPLES ARE COMPLEX! :))- …or ….on the other hand, the people of El Salvador, simply won’t be able to learn what they need to learn in order to compete in a tough competitive digital world.

The KEY, is to find the “sweet spot”, the equilibrium, between good regulation and an efficient system that can identify the “bad apples” and kick them out swiftly to maintain the TRUST in the Ecosystem.