#BUYtheDiP: Following the first and second articles publlished on #Substack and #Linkedin to wild applauses, and Retweet, all over the #Metaverses, Violène Vétillard from #ISFJ Paris school of Journalism, comes ‘BACK AGAIN’ on the #ADMP Content network !

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* VIOLENE VETILLARD : “ In Niger, the government has introduced rules that almost prohibit money exchange with foreign countries by imposing very high rates.

  • In Kenya, Centrafrique, Togo and Ghana many citizens have adopted Bitcoin.

Finally, the website usefultulips.org shows that over the last 7 or even 30 days, transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa have reached or exceeded those in Western Europe or Asia-Pacific…”

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** The data are sourced from localbitcoins.com and #Paxful, which are two platforms or exchanges, that are usually good guide, as far as ‘local’ crypto-adoption, around the world are concerned.

Percentage of How Bitcoin is locally trading in different part of the world ! (Source: #Usefultips.org)

  • Previous bear cycles gave birth to #Ethereum in 2013, #Lightning Network in 2015, #NFTS in 2018,…

  • This current ‘Bear Cycle’, will be no different from the previous ones and should probably yield the same creative, innovative and disruptive boom of ideas and technologies !

  • Videos like the one below by the #HoodLGanG (Circa 2017: Remember?) are usually synonymous with BULLISH CYCLE, but they help maintain moral, online community ‘spirit and giggles’ during ‘BEAR CYCLES’ too ! :))-

- </> - Cryptocurrency as a way out of isolation ?? …. -</>-

VV : “ In Indonesia and the Philippines, cryptocurrencies and crypto-asset are also a source of income. Through the game Axie Infinity, which is reminiscent of the Pokemon universe, players can acquire Axies and put them into battle.

At the end of the game, players can exchange their tokens for “real money” or local FIAT currencies.

Bitcoin trading in Sub-Saharian Africa 2016-2022

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VV: “ In Cuba, cryptocurrencies, and crypto-assets are seen as a bulwark against the depreciation of the local currency. Due to the very old USA government’s financial sanctions, the island has been isolated from the international financial system.

As of August 2021, the Cuban government has therefore taken steps to facilitate the acceptance of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets, coins such as TRX by merchants.”

How Bitcoin could be fulfilling SATOSHI NAKAMOTO Prime Obkjective: ‘Banking the Unbanked in the Emerging economies!’
  • Despite their ‘so-called’ volatile prices, cryptocurrencies offer attractive transaction security and transparency.

  • Their holders can remain up-to-a-point relatively ‘anonymous’. Depending on the assets, of course….. —> Thus revealing one of the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF THE 21st CENTURY: Data Privacy/ Data Sovereignty !!

  • For the time being, crypto assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc… are not considered as currencies by most governments, but rather like ‘Financial assets’ like shares, bonds,…. with access to alternative GLOBAL MARKETS ….


Knowing that …..those crypto assets were not originated sometimes in your own country:

‘How do you regulate an asset that can be held in a USB key and has global reach, by the way ?’

  • Those assets can and will probably never be ‘properly regulated’, the way ‘Old school-Wall-street’ CEFI (Centralized Finance) is, for exemple, simply … because of the very disruptive nature of these technologies! :

  • Welcome to the new digital finance or…. DEFI (Decentralized Finance) !! —> A land of constant financial disruption and low regulation !! it seems….for a while….

—> The PEOPLE IN CHARGE, probably do not REALLY UNDERSTAND IT !! : They just don’t ‘Get it, don’t they’ (?)

Maybe, maybe not…

If we could avoid the pitfalls of the ZOOMER (Pro-technology) Vs BOOMER (Technophobic) debate, that would be grand:

However it is clear at the moment, that current governments with their digital and financial know-how, cannot regulate so many crypto-assets, all at the same time !!

VV: “ In addition, crypto-assets would allow the purchase of #NFTs, which could be used as certificates of authenticity for digital works of art, a phenomenon that is growing rapidly, and could change once again, the wild crypto game! :

It’s definitely more than a ‘Vibe’ at this point, for sure !! :))-


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  • Around 520M Africans are predicted to shop online by 2025, up from ~390M in 2022 (Statista)

  • And based on smartphone and internet penetration trends, some predict African e-commerce annual revenues to pass $46B by 2025 (StockApps)

  • Against this backdrop, (‘Africa’s first unicorn’) NYSE-listed Jumia is launching a quick-commerce business that could slow its path to profitability (Techcrunch $)

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  • Leading Chinese phone maker Tecno is launching a pre-installed mobile wallet to rival M-Pesa and Airtel Money Nigerian open banking infrastructure platform Mono has been selected to participate in the inaugural class of Mastercard’s Start Path Open Banking program BCG Digital Ventures launches innovation center in Casablanca

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